Gov. Jindal Teams Up with Dr. Stotsky Tonight to Fight Common Core!

September 9, 2014 3 Comments

Don’t miss tonight’s big event, “Common Core: The Government’s Classroom, as Governor Bobby Jindal (R-La.) teams up with the well known Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Jane Robbins of the American Principle’s Project, Neal McCluskey of the CATO Institute, Will Estrada of the Home School Legal Defense Association, and Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark) to fight Common Core.  This LIVE webcast begins at 8:00pm ET can be accessed by clicking here.

During the one hour event, panel members will examine the Initiative in depth, and provide background on its origin and aims. Host and FRC President Tony Perkins, together with Senior Fellow Sarah Perry will discuss the Initiative’s implications of federalism, privacy, and academic performance, and address efforts to reverse the Common Core state-by-state. Viewers will be able to send their questions to common or tweet them to @frdc.

Those of us in the Hoosier state who had high hopes that our own Governor, Mike Pence, would delve deeply enough into Common Core to truly understand the serious content concerns raised by Dr. Stotsky and others, can’t help but be envious of Louisianans.  With Governor Jindal’s leadership, hopefully they will truly be able to rid their state of the Common Core nightmare!


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  1. I was at a school board meeting in Lee County FL and could not participate. Is there a link to hear this recording? Thanks for all you do!
    Chris Quackenbush

  2. Joe says:

    Meanwhile, Hoosier children get a Common Core re-brand…and branded for life.

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