About Us

Hoosiers Against Common Core is a single issue education advocacy group. Our sole purpose is to have the adoption of common core reversed and end the new PARCC test which replaces I-Step. We seek this measure for the following reasons:

  • To restore local control of education
  • To restore quality standards
  • To restore the right of teachers to practice their craft
  • To reduce the power of standardized testing

We focus our efforts on bringing together concerned people from all points of the political spectrum in order to effect legislation resulting in the reversal of its adoption. There is so much to dislike about the common core initiative. For some, the idea of violating states’ rights is important. To others, they oppose it strictly from a quality perspective. A majority oppose it because it stifles curriculum development and teacher/school autonomy in choosing what is best for their students. Ending common core and the related test is our goal. We seek this goal to retain local control and oppose a top-down centralization of education.

We are not lobbyists, we are not paid, we are simply parents concerned about the future of our children’s education. Parents and teachers need a voice that politicians hear. Hoosiers Against Common Core is one of those voices.