Indiana teachers admit following Common Core

September 5, 2014 6 Comments

An angry parent submitted a letter she received from her child’s school. The 5th grade teachers at Highlands Middle School sent a letter to parents asking for $5.00 to buy books to “facilitate teaching the National Common Core Standards.” The teacher chose the program because it would “give students the rich nonfiction reading experience demanded by the Common Core Standards.”

While some politicians are unwilling to admit that Indiana is still following the Common Core, teachers and school administrators are not hiding it. Many school districts have been put in a difficult position with the rebrand:  They have orders to teach standards that are Common Core to children whose parents were led to believe it was gone.

   highlands middle school teacher letter

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  1. Joe says:

    Hmm…I wonder what that “CCSS” circle at the top of my child’s Reading textbook pages means? After all, Indiana is no longer participating in Common Core…right?

  2. Billie Smith says:

    Evidently the Lawrence Township schools are usin Common Core also. Our 3rd grade student brought home homework for it. Who do we talk to?

  3. tom says:

    Indiana’s new standards are 95% common-core, some are word-for-word the same.
    You tea-partiers accomplished nothing, except to make it more difficult for teachers to find books/materials correlated to our hybrid standards.

    • Erin Tuttle says:

      Would you have preferred people to have done nothing? Obviously, the CC textbooks which are widely available for teachers use are still aligned to the new standards. If anything, there is not a shortage of materials for teachers to use in Indiana.

      It’s a shame you feel the need to criticize parents trying to improve our education system. Instead try pointing the finger at the education officials who chose to hoodwink the state into adopting new standards and ignored the legislation passed to repeal Common Core. They are the ones who made this happen.

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