Where does your child’s educational data go?

March 11, 2013 1 Comment

Sheila Kaplan gave testimony read it here before the Missouri state legislature regarding the collection and sharing of students’ personally identifiable information outside the school district and even beyond the state level. Who has permission to see and use your child’s data? What information is released to these unknown groups? Why don’t parents even know it is happening?


Most parents are falsely under the impression that the information is not personally identifiable. This is no longer the case and the data collected is very personal.

The SLI will collect and maintain a range of student data in two “buckets” — the first will include names, demographic information, discipline history, grade, test results, attendance, standards mastered–the list goes on.


While parents have the right to govern their child’s personal academic data, schools are forced into submitting information and are not required to ask your permission any longer.

In 2008 and 2011, amendments to FERPA gave third parties, including private companies, increased access to student data. It is significant that in2008, the amendments to FERPA expanded the definitions of “school officials” who have access to student data to include “contractors,consultants, volunteers, and other parties to whom an educational agency or institution has outsourced institutional services or functions it would otherwise use employees to perform.” This change has the effect of increasing the market for student data.

Michelle Malkin did a report of the invasive data collection required under Common Core. She outlines further the data to be collected on our children.

The National Education Data Model, available online at http://nces.sifinfo.org/datamodel/eiebrowser/techview.aspx?instance=studentElementarySecondary, lists hundreds of data points considered indispensable to the nationalized student tracking racket. These include:

–”Bus Stop Arrival Time” and “Bus Stop Description.”

–”Dwelling arrangement.”

–”Diseases, Illnesses and Other Health Conditions.”

–”Religious Affiliation.”

–”Telephone Number Type” and “Telephone Status.”

Home-schoolers and religious families that reject traditional government education would be tracked. Original NEDM data points included hair color, eye color, weight, blood types and even dental status.

Does anyone else think it is beyond unwise to allow several parties to know the name of your child, his address, and his bus schedule?

Please call your state representatives and tell them NO to data collection and the Common Core. 317-232-9600


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    Broken URL for M. Malkin’s report – michellemalkin.com/2013/03/08/rotten-to-the-core-the-feds-invasive-student-tracking-database/

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