Common Core: The sale of our children

March 9, 2013 0 Comments

Citizens of Indiana are abuzz about the new onslaught of commercials trying to sell the rotten Common Core.  Stand for Children (SFC), the deep pockets that funded this media blitz, has bought advertising on seemingly every radio, T.V., and cable station around.  They even have the audacity to advertise during conservative talk radio shows, which is a bit of a joke and may actually backfire on them.  It’s interesting to note, the ads are void of any facts whatsoever surrounding the issue.  This must be because when Common Core proponents get into discussions regarding facts, they always end up losing.  Instead, they attempt to convince viewers to oppose SB193, by simply trying to rebrand Common Core in a positive light.  It’s hard to imagine many are being convinced by commercials that are void of facts.  SFC, which came into Indiana only two years ago, must assume in a typical elitist fashion that Hoosiers are stupid and will blindly follow like sheep.  (Newsflash to them – we aren’t and we won’t.)

While SFC’s purported $90,000 media buy seems like a lot of money to ordinary citizens, it is apparently a drop in the bucket to them.  It begs the question, where in the world do they get their money?  To find out, read Joy Pullman’s recent article, “Progressive Education group buys pro-Common Core ads in Indiana.”  We won’t spoil it for you, but you can likely guess which organization has given SFC over $9 million!  Pullman also reports,

SFC has deeply liberal roots, spending money in 2012 to support President Obama’s campaign and two Democrat candidates in Tennessee. It has historically advocated for more education spending and government programs for young children. In 2011, co-founder Jonah Edelman was caught on tape describing how the organization moved its priority bill through the Illinois legislature:

“We hired 11 lobbyists, including the four best insiders and seven of the best minority lobbyists, preventing the unions from hiring them. We enlisted a statewide public affairs firm,” he said. “We raised $3 million for our political action committee between the election and the end of the year. That’s more money than either of the unions have in their political action committees. And so essentially, what we did in a very short period of time was shift the balance of power.”

Stand for Children is like the bully on the block.  Since SB193 merely calls for public hearings and a cost analysis of Common Core implementation, their massive advertising expenditure can only be viewed as an attempt to silence Hoosier voices.  If they succeed, elected officials who have the ability to take action but are choosing to sit quietly on the sidelines, will be held responsible.  They will have sold the education of Indiana’s children, as well as their personal  data, to the highest bidder!

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