“Superintendent of the Year” tells it like it is on Common Core!

August 17, 2013 2 Comments

All Indiana Superintendents should listen to the courageous voice of New York Superintendent Joseph Rella of Comsewogue School District in New York.  (Click here to listen to the short audio clip, which ought to go viral.)  They should then ask themselves, why they are not willing to speak out against Common Core as he does.  Why are they sitting idly by, while our children are sold out to the cronyism that is rife in the big-government and big-business Common Core scheme?  Is there not a brave Superintendent in Indiana who will speak out and buck the marching orders given to them by the various trade associations to which they belong?  Are they willing to be pawns of these groups, many of which have received millions to promote and peddle the Common Core?

To read more about Superintendent Rella’s efforts in New York click here.  For speaking out in defense of our children, in our book he receives the “Superintendent of the Year” award!

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  1. Lynda Pala says:

    I am totally in agreement! For all the information they are learning in a year our teachers need many more hours to teach & longer school year. Students should go year round to help retain what they learn. My daughter needs this! Teachers need more time if including so much information & so many concepts in the school year!
    Other countries like China & Japan have their children going to school longer hours & more days in a year. The premise is we are so far behind them. You can’t expect our kids to get ahead by teaching so much in such a short time! Many of our kids can’t retain it all because we don’t spend enough time teaching them! Our cultures are vastly different from these countries! We are setting our kids up for failure!
    Thank you for stating this!
    Lynda Pala

  2. Karen Henley says:

    Kudos to him for standing his ground. I would love to see the letters he is sending out so that we may forward them on to our District Superintendents. The one here when I confronted her with the information never returned my emails, this after back and forth communication through 3 different emails to get the username and password for the Odyssey Program for our elementary students. Please if you can, post the letters so that we may all bombard our Distrit Superintendents, State Superintendent of Education, and the PTA.

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