Common Core ends gifted programs- must teach student at grade level

August 15, 2013 10 Comments

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  1. Jade says:

    It looks like Common Core has already hit the writer – relate cognitively and “affectively” with their intellectual peers. If that is an intellectual peer, then we are doomed, gifted or not. This reeks of Common Core rhetoric and propaganda.

  2. Lee Barrios says:

    I neglected to explain that previously in our district gifted students used materials two years advanced of on level Ed. This child was entering third grade, hence the concern.

  3. Lee Barrios says:

    Sorry – one more comment. While the gifted program has not been literally abandoned, the fact that the CCSS standardized test attached to CCSS is high stakes in our state is a good indication of the intent.

  4. Lee Barrios says:

    Evidently one of my comments did not post. I said – this letter was written by the teacher of a third grade gifted child in my district. The parent sent me the letter and asked for my input. That is when I realized that gifted students under CCSS in my state anyway will be using the on level curriculum just like everybody else. I also attended a pencil needs workshop last week presented by our state bd if Ed. They explained that special needs students will also be using on level curriculum but will have “accommodations.” A video presented showed a class of approximately 5 yer olds with disabilities one of which was their inability o communicate verbally. Thy were being tight about characters in a story and were accommodated only by providing technology for their “responses.” It’s more than I can put in this comment. I will return with a video when I find it.

  5. Lee Barrios says:

    Here is the video I promised. Please respond to let me know your thoughts. Although it was revealed that these students (except one) are non verbal, the other special needs are not noted. Judge for yourselves. This is what is called level the playing field for Common Core special needs students.

    • Erin Tuttle says:

      I watched the video and it seemed absurd. The kids looked disengaged and confused. However, I don’t have any background or research on special needs students to render a worthy opinion. Please send me more so I can study it further.

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