South Bend Superintendent says new standards “very, very much aligned” to CCS

April 23, 2014 2 Comments

Misinformed?……………..Not a rebrand? …………………Really?

Just ask the superintendent of South Bend schools, Carole Schmidt, who told WSBT news:

“If you look at the standards really carefully and sort of do a cross walk with the Common Core, they’re very very much aligned, even down to some of the materials that are used,” Schmidt said.

A teacher interviewed said it’s  “a relief”  to some teachers because they “won’t have to use different kinds of things” for their materials.

Is their anyone besides Ritz and Pence saying this isn’t a rebrand?



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  1. Hoosier Parent says:

    It looks like that Superintendent pulled another unintended “Governor Hebert” on our good Governor Pence. Additionally, that Kindergarten teacher’s logic is so flawed, it is scary…Because we already bought the books, it’s best to continue with them??? That’s like a care maker saying, “Well the defective part is already in the car, so let’s just leave it there.”

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