Hoosier process run by DC insider

April 24, 2014 8 Comments

The justification to dismiss the analysis of experts contracted by the state to provide input on the “new” Indiana standards is based on the idea  that they didn’t represent Hoosiers. After an overwhelming majority of them provided scathing reports citing mathematical errors, incoherent structure, and inferiority, Pence told the Indiana Education Roundtable that he wasn’t concerned with what “outsiders” had to say.  ”For my part, I trust Hoosiers,” he said.

Was he unaware that some of these  “outsiders” were, in fact, Hoosiers? Professor Terrence Moore, who reviewed the English standards, is from Angola, IN and Professor James Milgram is a native of South Bend, IN. It seems the real qualifying factor in determining which opinions were valid was whether or not they were favorable of the “new” standards.

Pence had no problem hiring  Sujie Shin, a D.C. insider, to run the Hoosier process. She has no ties to Indiana, yet she’s placed in charge? The Department of Education reported that her duties included:

1.Ms. Shin is responsible for facilitating the evaluation process for Indiana.

2.Ms. Shin will train participants on the evaluation process and assist IDOE and Board staff in compiling results of the evaluation.

3.Ms. Shin will provide facilitation during the reconciliation process to ensure that Indiana’s draft college and career ready standards are of the highest quality.

That’s a major role for an outsider to play in a Hoosier process. Her bio from the federally funded organization she works for, WestEd, states her focus is on helping states navigate transitions, “particularly in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.”

Shin’s area of focus is providing state and district clients with the strategic partnership needed to navigate transitions and growth in their assessment and accountability portfolios, particularly in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. She specializes in the design, alignment, and application of assessment and accountability tools for different stakeholders.

Shin previously worked as the Deputy Chief of Assessment and Accountability for the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), where she oversaw the development and administration of assessments and accountability metrics for the District.

While at DCPS, Shin successfully led the process of transitioning the District’s summative assessments and interim assessments to the Common Core, and expanding assessment coverage in both elementary and high school grades and subjects.

Shin received a BA in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley; a California Clear Teaching Credential; and an MA in policy research, evaluation, and measurement from the University of Pennsylvania.

Pence took issue with the experts because they didn’t represent Hoosiers.  However, Sujie Shin, an employee of a federally funded, pro-Common Core organization, without a Hoosier bone in her body was perfect to serve as the leader.

Sorry, Governor Pence, that doesn’t make any sense to Hoosiers.

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  1. cheryl ferguson says:

    Governor Pence is caught in a boldface LIE.

    • Victoria Zink says:

      It seems we all put too much faith in Governor Pence’s promise to “rid Indiana of Common Core”. The scheming, the connections and the manipulation just keeps revealing itself to be more and more.

      Lies, lies, lies…deception and government at its finest!

  2. MJ Kurdys says:

    I hope you submitted this to the papers! pence went on national tv touting his ouster of CCSS- he MUST be exposed!

  3. leon dixon says:

    Was that the lady who, at the Roundtable meeting, demonstrated a mastery of babblegab? It is clear that Mike has some crappy staffing. I’m glad no one taped his brief remarks-very embarrassing for him to have these show up in a point (made by him) and counter point demolishing some of the fatuous comments he was given. It takes more time to have appointments made that, like Andrea Neal, will be straight from the shoulder, no nonsense, take it to the bank opinion/expertise. As example of foolishness he and Ditz both seemed to think that setting high standards had anything at all to do with attaining them. NO, that is LOW STANDARDS-get a staff that knows something. The major cause, in my opinion, for 10,000 students a year from Indiana needed remediation is the 30 member Roundtable and before that the 40 member one. Curiously enough, Amos Brown seems to have known that. I wonder who told him….not me.

    • Erin Tuttle says:

      Yes, she’s the one. You’re so right, here we have these groups like the Roundtable and SBOE crying about how things need to change when they’ve been driving the car all along. I think it’s appropriate here to call for some new blood.

      It’s almost as if they’re more concerned with being reappointed and accordingly do as told instead of doing what is right. Maybe that’s the problem; too much “yes,sir” and not enough thought.

  4. Melanie Kurdys says:

    Great article, Erin! Pence had the chance to lead, to demonstrate he was a man of the people like Reagan, but sadly, he showed he is an elitist like so many of our Republican politicians. Worse, he pretended to listen to the people, created a smokescreen and did what he wanted all along. Not presidential materials by any means!

  5. David Lantz says:

    One question that needs to be asked is on what other issues has Governor Pence made public statements to his political allies, promising he was with them, that he agreed with their issues, and then ….

    Pulled this kind of betrayal? For those of us who have known and supported Mike going back many years, this issue is very disturbing. One really needs to broaden the horizon and ask the larger question about every issue the Governor he has said he supports.

    If the idea is to make progress on THIS issue, we must widen the discussion.

  6. Betsy Harvey says:

    Oh please! When I think about who would best represent Hoosier interest, my first choice is always a Berkley-educated psychology major with a social policy masters. Why would we listen to a bunch of fuddy duddy professors with actual expertise in education? Forget that Pence is disingenuous and a liar. His choice of “experts” in whom to place his faith makes him look plain stupid.

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