Russ Pulliam likens Common Core to Obamacare

April 22, 2013 0 Comments

Russ Pulliam made it clear why some refer to Common Core as ObamaCore his recent Indianapolis Star article, “Why Common Core is like Obamacare.”

The Common Core education standards that Indiana is on the verge of implementing look like Obamacare in a couple of ways. They both are attempts to tackle big problems with sweeping and expensive change. They both take a top-down, federal approach to addressing those problems.

Both initiatives also likely will cost more money than originally projected. Common Core is more than a new set of national academic standards. It will require new, expensive assessment tests to replace the state’s ISTEP test.

One important difference between Obamacare and Common Core is how they were adopted. The health-care law was fully debated in Congress. Common Core, in contrast, was quietly approved by the state board of education.

The article makes the point that Common Core is a move away from giving parents more “choices” in education, and is instead move toward a one-size fits all approach.  It concludes with remarks from Representative Rhonda Rhoads, whose HB1427 contains the Common Core “time-out” language.

What’s puzzling is why Common Core advocates are so reluctant to have a public airing of questions raised by the critics.

As Rhodes notes, “If it’s so good and so wonderful, why can’t we hear it?”

If you agree with Representative Rhoad’s statement contact your State Representative at (317)232-9600 and ask him or her to let the House Republican leadership know that they support a concurrence on HB1427.  Also contact Speaker Bosma yourself at (317)232-9600 and ask him to allow HB1427 to be brought before the full House for a vote.  HB1427 is a reasonable bill that simply calls for a Summer study committee and a cost analysis, before schools go further down the path of Common Core. The citizens of Indiana have spoken loudly on their desire for a closer look at Common Core.  The question that remains is whether the House Republican leadership will respond to the will of the People or to will of the paid lobbyists with deep pockets and financial interests.

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