Pullman shreds “state-led” farce of Common Core

April 24, 2013 6 Comments

joy-pullmannJoy Pullman of School Reform News validates claims opponents of Common Core have been making regarding the fishy “state-led” adjective used to describe the initiative. Common Core supporters, like the Chamber of Commerce, have held fast to the talking point that this was a state-led effort, free from any federal control or influence. To believe anything else they warned, you must be a right-wing nut job or a birther.

According to the official Common Core Standards (CCS) website, the National Governor’s Association (NGA) is the official developer and owner of the copyright for the CCS. This is the basis for their argument that CCS is “state-led.” As with many arguments in support of Common Core, the facts simply do not stack up. Pullman states the following:

“Approximately half of NGA’s tax-provided revenue comes from the feds, and the other half from membership dues states pay. In its latest financial statement showing $16.9 million in total revenue for 2011-2012, $4.9 million of that came from the feds, $5.5 from states, and another $3 million from corporate sponsors.”

Supporters of CC create the impression that the governors, as a group, endorsed this initiative. But did they vote on it? Where can an ordinary citizen find out how their governor voted?

“NGA has not released what, if any, resolution 2009’s governors voted on to authorize its subsequent Common Core work. Neither has it released the vote tally.”

Which governors and corporations are members of NGA? Clearly, one would expect the members of the group responsible for the development and governance of our educational standards to be public. Nope, they don’t have to disclose that information and aren’t required to respond to FOIAs. We have also been led to believe all governors are willing participates in NGA, but Pullman finds the opposite;

“When other outlets have asked NGA about governors who want no part in NGA, spokesmen have responded by essentially saying governors cannot choose to leave.  When Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) pulled out of NGA in 2012, telling the Bangor Daily News, ““I get no value out of those meetings. They are too politically correct and everybody is lovey-dovey and no decisions are ever made,” NGA’s communications director responded by saying all governors are NGA members even if they do not pay dues.”

Yikes, sounds like the Mafia, once your in there’s no way out. Common Core Standards written with federal money, behind closed doors under the influence of unknown private corporate interests. Sounds like a lot things, but state-led isn’t one of them. Read the entire article for the whole scoop. It’s quite good.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Joy, I applaud your efforts in tackling the issues with Common Core. My husband and I too have deep concerns regarding this only we have been investigating the links to the United Nation Agenda 21. I’ve contacted our superintendant and was told to contact the state which I’ve done. We would certainly like to know what our other options are to help in the fight agains this.

    Rhonda Miller

  2. Concerned says:

    Then whom? Who wrote the standards? Who approved them? Instead of complaining think about the impact on children, unless you choose to ignore the fact we are behind other nations and you continue to complain about who “signed” or voted for these. Your reaction is political while you claim to want the best for children.

    • Erin Tuttle says:

      Please see my post titled who wrote the Common Core standards. I have a link to the official Common Core list of contributors. Thanks for your comment.

    • Jane Helbert says:

      Dear Concerned, From what I have been able to find, those that wrote the CC standards are a group of so called “experts” mainly from Washington D.C., New York, and California. There are a few others but the majority are from the areas I cited.

      I also am concerned as a nurse, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to the impact of what this monstrosity of education reform will have on those I love.

      What I found was this reform wants to make automatons of our children. It is driven exclusively by those in the federal government who want our children to be “citizens of the world” with no independent thought or drive. They are to be taught to be subjects of the government. It is evil to the core.

      If you think the U.S. is behind other nations now just wait what happens if this absurd federal mandate becomes law!! Ask yourself, what benefit is there that every student in the nation is taught the exact same thing in exactly the same way? Individual thought is not rewarded but thwarted?

      Do you think this system of education will give us an Albert Einstein or Henry Ford?!

      Indiana already had state education standards above what Common Core asks.

      I asked the same questions you have but had the gumption to find the answers for myself. I found enough information to tell me Common Core is wrong from the lies I uncovered.

      I am not telling you this to belittle you or make you feel bad. I want you to seek the answers to your questions for yourself. In this day and age with the information at our fingertips there are no excuses for ignorance.

      I ask you to research the National Governors Association and the Chief Council of State School Officers. They are both Washington D.C. based nonprofit 301C3 organisations who are non-elected and funded by companies, and individuals who want to influence the direction of our country to benefit themselves.

      Humbly submitted,
      A concerned grandparent

  3. Rebeca Ibarra says:

    Dear Ms. Tuttle,

    I am writing on behalf of Anya Kamenetz, the author of several books on education (Generation Debt, DIY U).

    She would like to set up an interview with you. Is there an email I can reach you at to send you a bit more information?

    Thank you!

    Rebeca Ibarra

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