On to the House!

April 11, 2013 7 Comments


Wednesday the Senate voted 37 to 13 to pass HB1427!   Thank you for all of your work at educating our Senators.  Here is the coverage of the vote from the Indianapolis Star and Indiana State Impact.  

Now is the time to ACT!  Please call as many members of the House as you possibly can at (317)232-9600.  The next couple of days are crucial.  We need to particularly focus on Republicans, who will be debating behind closed doors whether or not this bill gets an up or down vote in the full House.  Tell the Republicans to not only support HB1427, but that you expect them to stand with Representative Rhonda Rhoads in demanding that the leadership allow a voteLet them know that a vote against HB1427, will be a vote for the Common Core, and you will be watching.  Also relay that the voters will not be fooled by Representative Behning’s “smoke and mirrors” alternative.  It is time that the Common Core be debated and thoroughly reviewed in the light of day.  HB1427 will allow that.


Note: The “teacher” in the ISI article, Miss Lear, is yet again a Teach For America and Stand for Children member, who has less than three years of teaching experience.  As I commented, it would be wise for the media to report the perspectives of more experienced teachers, such as the following:

IN teacher with 20 years of experience:


IN teacher with 22 years of experience:


Recently retired IN teacher:


IN teacher with 11 years of experience:


NY teacher with 40 years of experience:


(Rush Limbaugh mentioned Common Core in this context yesterday, when he read this teacher’s resignation letter.  The letter went viral on the internet.)

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