Heather’s Op/Ed in American Thinker: Pulling a Reagan Against Common Core

April 12, 2013 0 Comments

Yesterday Heather had an op/ed published at American Thinker.  Here’s an excerpt:

The end of local control of education looms as 46 states have signed onto the Common Core, a set of national K-12 education standards and federally funded tests. Opposition to it, though, is suddenly burgeoning into a full-blown national movement, with 13 states either not participating or seriously rethinking the issue.

Governors and potential presidential candidates should especially take note. In state after state, parents, especially moms, have driven the movement against the Common Core. It’s hasn’t seen much coverage by talk radio, and perhaps for that reason many elected leaders have failed to notice the fervor and rising opposition. But they should not underestimate the American people. They will soon have to account for their action, or inaction.

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