Student Experience Corner: Security Advice From Locksmiths

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Whether you are getting ready for our first year as a college rookie or you already have some experience gong to university, new accommodation is likely to come your way. This means you will need to spend quite some time and energy trying to find the most affordable and at the same time most comfortable and convenient temporary residence for yet another semester or academic year. It could be anything form a rented apartment to an entire house or a hall of residence – one of your biggest concerns once you move there is ensuring your security within the premises of this new dwelling. Here are a few tips and advice coming from experienced locksmiths who have seen all forms of intrusions students usually confront with.

Never Assume You Are 100% Safe

You move to anew flat and the last thing on your mind is that the former residents have diligently handed in all of their spare keys – wrong! Extra copies might still be in their possession, so you will need to pay special attention to the locking system in place. Find out what is the date of its last replacement, who took care of it and what is the company’s policy regarding duplicate keys. Make sure the door to your new residence has high-quality locks that solely use patented keys which cannot be copied unless ownership proof is presented. If you will be attending college somewhere in the Greater Chicago Area, you can get in touch with some professional Chicago locksmiths you can find if you click here and have them inspect all the locks around the house or apartment and fix or replace any loose or warn-out locks.

Prevention Is Your Best Defense

Get in touch with an authorized locksmith in your area and have him inspect all of the locks around your new rental. For example, the 24/7 Chicago Locksmiths company is a fully authorized and licensed facility that solely employs fully trained and experienced technicians. They handle regular residential lock related service, as well as commercial and car services and they even have special 24/7 mobile crews handling emergency lockouts. Their prices are also well compatible with the specific budgetary restrictions students have to face during their college years, and they also offer free estimates, so make sure you give them a call before moving in.  

Take full details of the valuables you own, including your electronic items and write them their serial numbers. Have good quality lock installed on the main door and your bedroom door if you are sharing a place with someone else.

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