Victory for Anti-Common Core Legislation

February 14, 2013 8 Comments
Hoosiers Support SB193!

The Indiana Senate Education Committee voted 7-4 to HALT implementation of the Common Core in Indiana. The bill requires a state-led process to vet the Common Core standards and come up with the best practices for Indiana students. This bill still needs to pass the full Senate and House.

This legislation is strong. It calls for the State Board of Education to do what it failed to do in 2010 when it adopted the Common Core. There will be a cost analysis, comparison of former standards to Common Core and input from the educators and parents who use the standards.

Thank you to the many people who have helped this effort and attended our rally and hearing.

PLEASE continue to call all state legislatures and voice your support for SB193! 317-232-9400-Senate, 317-232-9600-House



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  2. Marcia Alder says:

    Help us in Wisconsin, too. I am a native Hoosier, but moved to Wisconsin seven years ago. I have single-handedly been fighting the implementation of the Common Core “STATE” Standards here, as well. A good friend – who happens to be an administrator, gave me an education publication that she receives to help me better understand what is happening. I found out about your efforts in that issue. I have been following your progress a little bit. I need some advice as to how to best to go about this protest, to accomplish the reversal of our decision to join this UN backed set of global education standards, too. What country are they basing these standards on? It certainly isn’t the US as these standards set most of our children back, rather than keeping them moving forward. Why do they get to decide the course of action in every member nation? And, none of us are fooled by the clever marketing package of saying these are STATE standards. Teachers in my children’s schools can’t stand the disjointed approach these standards take, not to mention that they have no support materials from which to draw from. They are creating these lesson plans from scratch as all of the materials they ordered claiming to be CCSS oompliant were not!…This leads to confusion for them, the students, and definitely us parents. So please, any information you can pass my way would be much appreciated. Best of luck in your continued battles. Together, we parents, can and MUST make a difference. Sincerely, Marcia Alder

    • Erin Tuttle says:

      The best site to go to and view if there is any organized opposition to Common Core is I don’t know of anyone in Wisconsin but will check for you with my contacts. You should start by approaching your state legislators to see if there is any support for legislation to be introduced.

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