It’s not me, it’s the standards!

February 25, 2014 3 Comments

I’m consistently shocked by the absurd manner in which opposition to the new standards draft is treated. The new talking point being promoted to discredit the opposition is that they are unwilling to accept anything that is offered and they will never be satisfied, no matter what standards they are offered.

For that to be true, we would have to be offered something different to reject. The Common Core standards were rejected and returned for a different set of standards, yet the new standards incorporate almost all of the Common Core.  It’s inexplicable that the Department of Education and State Board of Education can’t see that the problem isn’t with those who oppose the new draft standards, the problem is still with the content of the standards- as it always has been.

The only group who is unwilling to be satisfied with something different is those writing these standards. They continue to push the same garbage in front of constituents and seem shocked the same standards are being refused.  If a restaurant serves you chicken when you ordered fish, you send it back.  If your server returned with chicken again,  you would think they were inept. That is exactly the sentiment of those who are refusing the “new” draft standards. Either a complete ineptitude exists in those forming these standards or they are comfortable in repackaging the standards under the guise of new standards.



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  1. leon dixon says:

    When one takes money it affects judgement. It might also be a very dishonest thing to come before folks as though you were offering an independent point of view when actually your independence had been compromised by the taking of monies. Mordor doesn’t care. Standards are but the Camel’s nose for Mordor.

    • Dave Read says:


      Accurate and beautifully stated.

      If you get the chance please comment on my draft “Letter to the Editor.” I would like to send throughout the state by Friday.


    • linda zimmerman says:

      New standards? If you compare the Common Core standards and the standards the panel is supporting, you will note that they have basically done a copy and paste from Common Core… Not acceptable! One of my friends who was an excellent 1st grade teacher retired at the end of last year because she could not teach from Common Core…the kids were not ready and the curriculum is really confusing. Common Core makes it impossible for Parents and Grandparents to help kids with their homework! The math is totally ridiculous!

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