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March 6, 2014 0 Comments
Hi all —
I’m writing you to ask you to join us today and over the coming days as we flood CPAC and the political leaders with our message and challenge them to join the fight against the Common Core. CPAC is one of the largest gatherings of American conservatives, so this is an IMPORTANT opportunity for us to get the truth out to conservatives about Common Core.
Please join us today, specifically during Bobby Jindal’s speech beginning at 12:00PM EST. There are additional speeches that we would love to have you participate in, but his is one of the most important.
WHO: You, and please pass on to anyone with a Twitter or Facebook
WHEN: THURSDAY MARCH 6th, 12PM and following
Times and draft tweets are below. Please use the draft tweets, but feel free to create your own. We want to make sure that there is alot of buzz going around regarding the Common Core during CPAC. 
And be sure to use CPAC’s official hashtag — #CPAC2014 for ALL TWEETS. 
Thank you for your help and participation. PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL, or edit the text of the email and include draft tweets below.
Emmett McGroarty, Shane Vander Hart, Terry Schilling, and Kate Bryan
American Principles in Action
TWEET MIKE PENCE 11:30-12:00 MARCH 6th and continue to do so until new standards are corrected.
@GovPenceIN Indiana needs you to lead, please #stopcommoncore DON’T rebrand #CPAC2014
@GovPenceIN No  Common Core Rebrand, voters want #stopcommoncore #CPAC2014


Bobby Jindal speaks at 12:00p on Thursday
@BobbyJindal Louisiana parents need you to act, please #StopCommonCore in your state! #CPAC2014
@BobbyJindal Be a voice for your citizens, please #StopCommonCore in your state! #CPAC2014
@BobbyJindal Protect America’s children. #StopCommonCore in Louisiana. #CPAC2014

Additional times and tweets for CPAC

Ted Cruz – speaking at 9:00a Thursday –
Thank you @tedcruz for joining @ChuckGrassley in working to #StopCommonCore Fed Funding. #CPAC2014

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) speaking at 11:00a Thursday –

@ChrisChristie if you want to promote STEM you need #StopCommonCore Algebra II isn’t enough. #CPAC2014

Bobby Jindal speaks at 12:00p on Thursday –
@BobbyJindal Louisiana parents need you to act, please #StopCommonCore in your state! #CPAC2014

Sen. Marco Rubio is speaking at 12:16p on Thursday –
@marcorubio thank you for your support of #StopCommonCore #CPAC2014
Thank you @marcorubio for protecting America’s children and our future. #StopCommonCore #CPAC2014

Gov. Rick Perry speaks on Friday at 9:00am EST –
@GovernorPerry rejected Race to the Top and has worked to #EndFedEd, be sure to thank him. #StopCommonCore #CPAC2014

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks on Friday at 10:21AM EST –
@GovMikeHuckabee has championed Common Core, tell him to #StopCommonCore not just the Fed’s involvement. #CPAC2014

Rick Santorum speaks on Friday at 2:26pm EST –
@RickSantorum please join the #StopCommonCore movement, our kids need your voice! #CPAC2014

Sen. Rand Paul speaks on Friday at 2:51pm EST –
@SenRandPaul thank you for lending your voice to #StopCommonCore! #CPAC2014

Ann Coulter – Saturday at 1:34pm EST –
@AnnCoulter please lend your voice to #StopCommonCore. #CPAC2014

State Senator Lee Zeldin – Saturday at 3:34pm EST –
State Sen. @leezeldin is speaking at #CPAC2014 Senator thanks for your #StopCommonCore bill (S 6604) in NY!

Sarah Palin – Saturday at 5:45pm EST –
@SarahPalinUSA rejected Race to the Top, Gov. Palin please join the #StopCommonCore movement! #CPAC2014



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