Prof. Moore asks, “Are these people really in charge of our children’s education?”

March 7, 2014 0 Comments

Professor Terrence Moore, in an article posted by The Library of Law and Liberty, asks, “Are these people really in charge of our children’s education?” As a college professor and former head of a K-12 school, he says the “new” standards are a “cut and paste” job of the Common Core which fail to grasp how children learn to read and write.

When Moore questioned a state board of education member about a standard regarding phonics, he couldn’t get a straight forward answer. To him, it seemed they didn’t have the proper understanding of how children learn to read needed to answer his question.

Many Hoosiers are asking themselves the same question. Those in charge of the standards rewrite failed to recognize that problem standards can’t be correct if they are replaced with the same thing. Moore exposes the “rewrite” as a rebranding of Common Core, designed to fool the people of Indiana.

“Either the state school board and the committee they have appointed are in over their heads and unable to outline how students learn to read, write, and do math, or they are deliberately fighting a war of attrition in order to hold onto the Common Core, albeit without the name, hoping that the troublesome parents of Indiana will eventually lose interest in the issue and go away. Well, education leaders of the state, it’s now time to whip out your final draft and convince us that you know what you’re doing.”

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