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April 14, 2013 5 Comments

Check out Empower Indiana’s new video on Common Core!  It is great.

Call (317/232-9600), write, and email Speaker Bosma.  Ask him to support concurrence on HB1427, which would allow it to go the full House for a vote.  Hoosiers deserve as much!

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  1. Patricia R. Lang, MA says:

    GREAT video. Kids deserve much better than Common Core, it nothing more than more and more federal control over education. We need to tell the feds to get out of edcuation, it is NOT their responsibility. We need to stand up and take education back.

  2. Brandi Osborne says:

    Please..please do not let this curriculum and the Federal government force this really socialist propaganda posed as education on our children….please don’t let them strip our founding history from education!Let us decide our curriculum standards..and keep liberty in check! This curriculum is harmful in many ways…Math seems so backwards…reading materials are a much wrong here…pls take a stand against Common Core.

    Thank You,
    Brandi Osborne

  3. Kari McKnight says:

    Just got off the phone with Bosma’s office. Rhodes has rejected the senate changes and the bill is going to a caucus for revision/review. If they come to agreement on changes it will be re-voted on in the senate and house. That’s how the intern explained it anyway. The congress hopes to wrap by Friday for this session so I doubt it will make it to the floor by then. Maybe for next session?

    • Erin Tuttle says:

      This baby will be dealt with this session! The House and Senate still have 2 days to hear and pass the bill. KEEP CALLING your Representatives and tell them you want this done this session.

  4. Ralph HImelick says:

    Your common core video is great. I would also like to see examples of the “revisionist” texts proposed by common core (history defaming the founding of our country, statements about global warming being “established science”, “feel good ” mathematics, etc.). Is information available from the texts they will be using?

    This really does sound like “Agenda 21”. It would be interesting to see a charting of connections between Common Core, Agenda 21, Soros groups, the Obama administration, and the U.N. (that panoply of illigitimate, violent dictators).

    I may of missed info. in previous of your publications. My wife just alerted me to your organization.

    Thank you for your work,


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