Local Control = Real Freedom

August 9, 2012 0 Comments

By Shane Vander Hart

I was shocked – SHOCKED to read this in a newspaper editorial because most have, by and large, embraced the centralization of education at the state and federal levels.  I almost wanted to cry, ok I’m exaggerating, but it is great to see that the editorial board of The Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel gets it.

An excerpt:

There is a need, of course, for input from all levels of government on maintaining superior public education. The greatest need is for local input, but the pressure from both state and federal governments is for greater control from farther distances. Before we lose local control altogether, we ought to consider just what we will be giving up.

The very premise of this nation is that the more decisions are made closest to the people they affect, the better off we are. The farther away we move from local solutions based on local knowledge, the less real freedom we have.

That no less true just because it’s education we’re talking about. Who should decide what our children learn? A handful of experts who will come up with a one-size-fits-all solution? Or the parents, educators and taxpayers who know the unique needs of their districts and the students in them?

Yes, yes and YES!  Thank you Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel!  Indiana residents, now you need to make sure your state legislators, Governor Daniels, and Superintendent Bennett understand this fundamental principle of our founding as well.  Local control = real freedom.

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