Judgment Day Rally at the Statehouse!

April 12, 2014 8 Comments

It’s Judgment Day!

The public comment period may be over, but Hoosiers have more to say!

Join us April 21st at 1:00pm at the Indiana Statehouse for the Judgment Day Rally.

Let the Indiana Education Roundtable see that parents care!

Hillsdale College Professor Dr. Terrence Moore will speak and answer your questions!

March with us across the street to the 2:15 p.m. Education Roundtable meeting, where Governor Pence, Superintendent Ritz and many others are scheduled to vote on the standards.

Location of Education Roundtable meeting:

Conference Room C, Indiana Government Center South, 402 W. Washington Street.

These are our children and they deserve the best, anything less needs to be rejected!

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  1. Teresa Wiley says:

    I am glad there is a group of non-educators pushing back against Common Core, but I wish you were doing it for the real reason that these standards are so bad. Common Core is the soul of market-based education reforms. It is conceived, created and has been implemented by education corporations and greedy investors that see public education as a cash cow. The government’s role in this is only to facilitate what these corporate hacks have convinced them is a good thing. Legislators have been looking for a way to privatize education and get out of the obligation of “providing a common school” as almost every state constitution requires. If they could eliminate that large state expenditure and pass it off to private companies then they can lay the blame of poor education at the feet of someone or something else. That is what makes common core bad. When you try to tie it to one person like President Obama or Arne Duncan then the general public thinks the “enemy” is that particular politician, not the common core itself. Common core will try to come back many times after you kill it unless your movement calls it out for what it is, a corporate takeover of an institution that belongs to all of the citizens of the state.

    • Erin Tuttle says:

      I agree with you that this is way beyond any one politician or party. Corporate greed is most definitely behind the push for Common Core standards, the technology for implementing them, and the conforming of schools into a business model using uniform Common Core standards. We welcome all opinions and try to cover all aspects of the issue.

    • MJ Kurdys says:

      There are so very many aspects and tentacles to the CCSS- indeed, it has made for strange bedfellows. We have tried repeatedly to make it clear this is NOT a partisan issue- this has galvanized folks all over the political ideology spectrum!

      There are people in support of the CCSS trying to portray the opposition as “Tea Partying tinfoil hat mobs.” Just not true! I believe the reason they do this is to marginalize and demonize the opposition, connecting everyone against the CCSS to folks some find distasteful. (BTW, an unfair characterizatin, but we shall save that for another day!) They hope you will be too embarrassed to associate with those “types.” It is classic bullying tactics!

      Truly, I have NEVER been with an interest group as ideologically diverse as this one! These are lovely, polite, intelligent people who love their children and grandchildren with the fervor of mama and papa bears! Don’t be fooled by rhetoric!

      Read, read, read all you possibly can and you will learn very quickly that the pro-ccss folks are wildly diverse ideologically!

  2. Michelle Madsen says:

    I find it kind of “convenient” that the state decides to hold this “roundtable” meeting on a date/time that many of the homeschool and Online Education parents will be busy transporting their students to/from ECA Testing!!!!! The common core is another way that society and corporate America has found to encourage “mediocrity” among students and discourage teachers who really care from adapting their teaching methods to meet the needs of so many kids out there. Very Scary!!!!!!!

  3. Debra Klinger says:

    MJ and Michelle, I agree with both your comments. MJ, I lean a bit left…so yes, this does make for interesting “bedfellows”. Across the spectrum we all want the same thing – a top-notch education for the next generation. Mathematics such that children may graduate from HS prepared for four year universities without the need for remediation. Literature in classrooms as opposed to “informational text” replacing Shakespeare, Fitzgerald and Verne. Developmentally appropriate material in younger grades. Truly internationally benchmarked standards…the list goes on and on. Yes it’s absolutely about greed. Yes it’s about squashing creativity in favor of creating an Orwellian workforce. Now I sound like a conspiracy-theory weirdo! And for the most part, I’m a democrat! Geesh!

    Erin, how do we get the word out about Monday to increase attendance at the rally? Can you get wthr to interview you / Heather? I saw they picked up the story on the release earlier. I had to look on this web page to hear about Monday – it didn’t come across my FB feed. I’ve posted it on my page now. A big physical presence would certainly help and Michelle is right – it’s a very difficult time of day for everyone (and the powers that be probably know that full well). Thanks for all your work and leadership, Debra

  4. Adrian Engelberth says:

    Will anyone outside the round table review the standards before they are voted on? The AP story out today made it sound like no pro-kid, pro-common sense person is reviewing the standard too.

    • Erin Tuttle says:

      Several national experts are reviewing the newest draft. So far, most have been very negative which is no surprise. The shocking thing is that no one in the Indiana Department of Education or Pence’s CECI, the two groups in charge of this mess, are going to do any analysis of the final draft. This is what CECI director told Associated Press,

      “The governor’s special assistant for education innovation and reform, Claire Fiddian-Green, said the more than 6,000 hours spent revising the standards and including expert advice mean the latest version is a “substantially different document” compared with what one expert called “half-baked” standards that were included in the last draft. Fiddian-Green said no analysis is planned to compare this version with the previous draft and with Common Core.

  5. cheryl ferguson says:

    If the former Indiana Standards are indeed superior, then we should be able to prove they are college and career ready. If that is the case, then we can still get the NCLB waiver and keep the federal incentive money, correct? Am I missing something? Is there any good reason not to return to the old standards?

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