Indiana’s own “Iron Lady” fights the Common Core

April 9, 2013 6 Comments

Whether you were a fan of Margaret Thatcher’s policies or not, one thing is certain – yesterday marked the end of the life of one of the strongest women to ever grace the pages of history.

For many of us, who came of age during the eighties, she will be remembered as the lady who stood along-side Ronald Reagan and fought for a return to less government, more liberty, and the death of the “Evil Empire.”

So, it is ironic that as we remember the strength and legacy of Margaret Thatcher, we notice a new “iron lady” of our own is emerging here in Indiana.  That lady is Representative Rhonda Rhoads from House District 70.  Representative Rhoads, a retired teacher, understands well the myriad of problems with the Common Core.  She also knows that the stakes are high and the time is short for Indiana to withdraw from this disastrous scheme.  Therefore, in what can only be described as a stand-up move, Representative Rhoads is carrying the anti-Common Core language as part of her bill, HB1427. Thanks to her, HB1427, which calls for a “halt” to the Common Core until a thorough review and cost analysis are done, could be voted on by the full House as soon as this week.

Like the original iron lady, she will be up against a “boys club” of sorts.  We can only guess that the Chairman of the Education Committee, Robert Behning, who refused to give the anti-Common Core bill a hearing, is none to pleased.  Nor are the  Common Core advocacy groups and special interests who plan to line their pockets with the money to be made off of the Common Core.  Indeed, she will have some fierce foes.

It certainly would have been easier for Representative Rhoads to have taken a pass.  She did not and has, thus, shown Hoosiers just what she is made of.  She has shown them her strength of character and her unwavering commitment to her principles.  She has shown them that she is a true leader, willing to fight for the protection of Indiana students.  As Representative Rhoads heads into battle with some in her own party, the question needs to be asked – will our Governor stand along side her, the way President Reagan would have?  Will he make it known to members of the House that he whole-heartedly supports her stance and her bill, HB1427? Or, will he send this fine lady into battle without the benefit of having him by her side?

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  1. Julian Smith says:

    Can’t believe Rep. Rhoads and I agree, but miracles never cease.

  2. Susan Chilberg says:

    Good for her! We are backing any and all resistance to this godawful take-over of our education system and the minds of our children and grandchildren. We MUST stop Common Core…..and remember every single representative and/or senator who supports Common Core…..2 years is a long time to have to issue pay-backs, but the tea party and 912ers have nice long memories.

    This program is a brainwashing into communism. They know it, who are promoting it, and that is why they are claiming there is no curriculum of which to be afraid. That is a lie. Fight it down! Demand it be fully and completely rescinded. No child’s life is worth the sell-out to the federal indoctrination of our children.

  3. Martina Webster says:

    Rhonda is my rep, and I am thankful for her strength & character to fight against the powers that be!

  4. I am a retired teacher with 36years of teaching experience (college, high school and middle school). I spent many of those years fighting federal involvement in public education. Common Core will result in total federal control of education in the United States. The end result will be a “dumbing down” of education!!

    Howard R. Gluff
    Retired Teacher and Small Business owner

  5. Bob Gaskins says:

    They are trying this in our school looking for best to fight it , without misbehaving. You have all been a great help. Many Thanks Bob Brimfield, Ohio

  6. Barbara Dill says:

    Enjoyed (for want of a better word) reading this and have several teachers in my family. Most have not been well informed so I have been forwarding Brent’s postings to them. Hopefully it will wake up enough teachers and especially the parents to get them involved.

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