Indiana’s Common Core Fight Isn’t Over

July 17, 2014 2 Comments

Hoosiers Against Common Core continues to be contacted by people from all across the country who are pushing back against Common Core.  Some are surprised to learn that Indiana’s fight against Common Core is far from over.  We bring them up to speed on Indiana’s rebranding of the Common Core and on the steps they should take to avoid such a fiasco from happening in their state.  We are always happy to share our research, experiences and ideas with them.  Recently, a number of such folks have requested to see the tri-fold flyer that we used to help spread our message in the early days, so we have posted it here: IN Tea party flyer 02-25-2013

We also remind activists that something as simple as the “Say No to Common Core” buttons pictured here is a great way for parents and citizens to be heard at times and in places when signs and speech are not appropriate. In this era of social media, it is worth remembering that such old-fashioned methods of getting your message out with buttons and flyers still work.

We remain thankful to the hard work of hundreds of grassroots activist across Indiana, whose efforts made Indiana the start of something big.  The national momentum against Common Core was undoubtedly increased, when Indiana passed a first in the nation Common Core “pause” bill during the 2012-2013 session of the Indiana General Assembly, followed by an outright formal repeal this past session.  While these legislative victories were all too short-lived and negated, when the Indiana State Board of Education chose to usher Common Core back into Indiana under a new name this past Spring, we do not consider them to be in vain.  With the public opposition to Common Core growing at record speed, as evidenced by the latest Rasmussen poll, we are confident that states such as Oklahoma will pick up the ball, where Indiana dropped it.  Their successes will hasten the inevitable implosion of Common Core everywhere.

In the mean time, Hoosiers Against Common Core will continue to serve as an information and networking hub.  Our bet is that when students return back to school this Fall and see all of the Fuzzy Common Core textbooks still in place with new Common Core assessments, a sleeping giant will be re-awakened!  Stay tuned- the fight has just begun!

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  1. Keep up the good fight, Hoosiers! Best of luck to ya’ll! You are way ahead of Alabama at this point.

  2. Tom Bozikis says:

    I recall contacting Rep. Holli Sullivan’s L.A. regarding SB-91, the bill to end Common Core, but what I heard bothered me immensely. I realized that passage of this bill did little to stop Common Core.

    This is what I realized. The bill allowed those districts that had adopted the Common Core standards to complete the implementation, as it is here in Vanderburgh County. From what I understand, all aspects of Common Core, including data mining have been implemented by the EVSC. The bill also specifically states that high school students must be prepared to take the S.A.T., and the crazy thing is that the architect of Common Core, David Coleman, left and took a position with Achieve, the company that produces the S.A.T. Guess what? He rewrote the S.A.T. to Common Core specifications.

    Even though the bill allowed the state to back out of Common Core, it didn’t opt out of No Child Left Behind, but the Feds said that if Common Core weren’t implemented fully, we’d lose federal dollars unless all standards were implemented.

    Of course, we have Indiana Core, which is Common Core with a few modifications. So the battle rages on for the souls and minds of our children and grandchildren.

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