Indiana legislators vote 6-1 to replace Common Core Standards

November 15, 2013 15 Comments

The Indiana legislative study committee convened today to vote on a resolution that recommended Indiana write NEW standards which are governed locally, not at the federal level. The resolution was the first in the country and followed the lead of Governor Mike Pence calling for “standards written by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers.”

The committee Republicans UNANIMOUSLY voted YES for the resolution with several making formal statements against the Common Core. The only Democrat who graced the committee with his presence, Justin Moed, voted no. Because the other democrats failed to show up, there wasn’t enough votes for a majority to pass the resolution.

Thankfully, all is not lost and a recommendation from Republican members will still be issued to the State Board of Education supporting the unanimous decision that Indiana write new standards. After all the hours committed to studying the issue and the public outcry for resolution, it’s unfortunate all members were not present.

In a not so surprising twist, the democrats have decided to put politics over the best interest of our children’s education. Democrats who have voiced concern over the Common Core standards, felt the political rivalry between the State Board of Education and Glenda Ritz  prevented them from voting on the issue.

It’s a victory for Common Core opponents in Indiana!


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  1. MJ Kurdys says:

    I am very perplexed with what is happening now in indiana. Didn’t Glenda Ritz win campaigning against CC? Why wouldn’t she want them voting on the issue?

    • Erin Tuttle says:

      It is confusing to me as well. The committee she has put together to evaluate CC contains many of the teachers who testified in favor of CC, including teachers from Warren Township, a district which received a LARGE race to the top district level grant. My second red flag was the fact that the committee didn’t contain ANY English or math professors from higher ed.

  2. Darrell & Barbara Dill says:

    We appreciate the 6 – 1 vote against common core and deciding to replace it with Indiana’s own standard (which was higher to start with). God Bless each of you for taking care of our future generations – we thank you!

  3. Go Hoosiers!!! Congratulations from New York State. You guys are awesome…..

  4. Way to go!!! Fantastic news to close the evening with!! Best wishes, Yvonne & Glen

  5. Kathleen Garner says:

    We do not want nor need the Core Standard Curriculum in our state of Indiana. All that it teaches is the progressives form of history. It does not teach independent thought it teaches thinking as a group and the importance of the group over an individual. Thank you Republicans, keep up the great work and defend our children til the end.

  6. Brenda Bergwitz says:

    Thanks to all who have fought the Fight for our children and grandchildren God Bless You All and Zgod Bless America

  7. Keep going, Indiana! Flood your Democrat Legislature members with phone calls, marches, petitions, etc. Be the first state to completely get rid of Common Core! I keep saying that I really do believe that if one brave state would do it, many others would quickly follow!
    As Catholic school teacher in my state, I am especially grateful to Indiana’s Catholic school moms Erin Tuttle and Heather Crossin who took a stand against Common Core. I keep telling Catholic school parents in my Archdiocese to read about how they led the grass roots efforts that led to getting Common core paused in Indiana. It does not matter what type of school a child attends; Common Core is going to affect all children and it is not a good curriculum.

  8. I recommend this free lecture on the separation of school and state, and would like to see it linked to on the Hoosiers Against Common Core site. Even if you don’t believe the government should get completely out of education, this gives a lot of intellectual ammunition to be used against Common Core.

    Please check it out.

  9. 8th Grade Student says:

    I’m in school and even I know that these standards are a bad idea! These standards would take away many of the things that we are taught that are very helpful and they would make everyone teach in the same way and I don’t believe that would work at all. State governments have the power to make their own standards, not the national government making standards for the whole country. I’m glad that we have people voting against it!

  10. 8th grade student says:

    I recently heard about common core through my social studies teacher. I don’t know much about it, however, I do know that it looks like a set up for a society that I don’t want to live in. I feel very naive (probably because I am). I really don’t grasp the concept; I just have strong feelings. Common core sounds like our educational leaders lining children up across the nation and forcing them to chant the same empty phrases over and over again. No room for new ideas, and no room for kids who don’t cooperate. (Liiiittle bit like a dictatorship, no? Maybe I’m crazy.) I’m not sure what my point is here, I just feel that this is wrong. Federal government isn’t meant to meddle with public education. That’s the state’s job.
    I find myself feeling super frustrated and trapped every day. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I think that needs to change.
    Thank you to everyone who’s fighting common core. You’re really making a difference. Thank you.

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