Glenn Beck Shines Spotlight on Common Core

March 18, 2013 5 Comments

Glenn Beck last week highlighted the Common Core on his show on The Blaze TV.  His guests were Emmett McGroarty of American Principles Project, Sherena Arrington, a political consultant from Georgia, and two teachers from Utah, David Cox and Christel Swasey.  You can watch the full episode above, below are highlighting different segments.

Beck in his opening remarks gave a wake-up call for those who may be apathetic about the Common Core.

Here is a segment where they discuss data collection, and that is something that every parent should be concerned about. The Common Core and data collection go hand in hand.


This segment highlights the fuzzy math that the Common Core promotes and how it is degrading our liberty through the process it was implemented


If you’d like to see the whole episode, and we encourage you to watch it, go sign-up for a two-week free trail and look for  the the episode on 3-14-13.

HT: Truth in American Education

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  1. teddy levi says:

    I found the website, and every grade level begins by telling you that the way we used to teach these subjects is no longer appropriate. Indeed, it’s not the facts, it’s how the kids ‘feel’ about the facts.

  2. Danny Davis says:

    Please look to, and read the Grit Report. It advocates data mining in schools and increased involvement of stakeholders in education. The way this document is written, I for one have trouble telling where the research ends and the application recommendations begin. Thoughts?

  3. Jeff Hamilton says:

    I agree that our education system is a joke but so is Glenn Beck. He is the most disingenuous mouth on the air.

    • Shanna says:

      Jeff Hamilton,

      Have you actually listened to Glenn Beck for an extended period of time? You should listen to his radio show or watch the Blaze for a month, and tell me if you still think Beck is disingenuous. He is the most honest, genuine person on the air. I’ve watched and listened to him for years, gone to all of his events, and had the pleasure of shaking his hand. He is real….very real.

  4. Pete Boggs says:

    Let’s clean up the language & stop referring to self serving, quick change artists as “stakeholders,” who are exclusively parents & children- not educrats!

    Parents & children have the only “skin” in education; which is other than a “game.”

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