Coverage of Rally for Indiana Standards Vote

April 22, 2014 6 Comments



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  1. Jim Bratten says:

    Yesterday, Michelle Malkin warned Gov. Pence not to “pull a Huckabee” – but he did.

    He masked “Indiana Core” as new and different from Common Core. It is anything but. The bright, red lipstick is on the pig. A farce will continue to be inserted in the unsuspecting minds of Hoosier children. Now Hoosier students can all receive a trophy and believe they are exceptional…

    Will Hoosier parents finally stand against this atrocity, a global one-mind system designed to make all children accept mediocrity under the State? Will they finally wake up to what is being done to their children’s future?

    So much for Gov. Pence’s “federalism” echo chamber. Obviously, his actions speak louder than his words and federal dollars are more important than educational excellence. Gov. Pence has “settled” for a 2014 C-minus Indiana, when all he had to do was return to the 2009 A+ Indiana.

    Thanks to all those who were able to stand for Hoosier children at the Indiana State House yesterday. Keep fighting; we have a Republic to preserve and a Constitution to restore… for our children. It is our responsibility to teach those things, what they represent and why they’re important. “Indiana Core” schools will remain “common” (for now) and no longer impart that knowledge under the new standards.

  2. Pete Boggs says:

    A few things came to light during yesterday’s hearing. Having been involved in several efforts of public petition; Indiana’s public process is a corrupt sham, scripted by “special interests.” Petition- petition, take time from work, pay to park, endure the charade of hearings where no one listens & then subjected to what they call “law.” This is not due process but abuse. Representative government is a slow churning, deliberative process; not timed to access federal funding or next day / rapid rewards for previously denied winter disaster funding (see today’s headlines).

    When asked about why Indiana abandoned nationally acclaimed, pre-common core standards; it was suggested that Indiana colleges had to offer remedial instruction to students during the period of those standards. What’s not explained / detailed / reconciled, is which Indiana colleges are they referencing & are the referenced students who required remedial study, are they all, Indiana students or enrollees from other states…? No source was named & no clarification made with regard to the composite or methodology of this seemingly relevant claim. Let’s see the data on that claim- ASAP!

    The Indiana hedge-islature has a credibility problem. Parents have no obligation to subject their children to what this special interest serving “process” calls “education.”

  3. As a retired teacher I am in a position to hear first hand from teachers in the system of how they feel about Common Core (or Indiana Core) outcomes based education and most if not all of them hate it. The teacher-evaluation aspect of blaming teachers for failing kids who refuse to come to class, do the work, and who will not put forth any effort to achieve is forcing effectively trained educators out of the profession. When the President says “We need more skilled teachers” what he really means is that he needs more young drones who have been indoctrinated in the Common Core teaching methods to continue their “Skilled” process of taking control of our children’s minds.

  4. Gary W. Bradley says:

    Gov. Pence: We did not want common Core, and we don’t want any other version of it either. I have thought you were a true conservative. Please don’t prove me wrong. If you are about to push anything like common core on us, Stop it NOW! We the People are awake and paying attention. The greatness of this Country has always been the freedom we have had, the ability to be free thinker not a bunch of mind numb robots. Stop this garbage and lets get back to basics which has made this the greatest nation on earth. The federal Government should not be involved in our Schools. It should be up to the States and local districts. Listen to the People.

  5. Maggie Thomas says:

    I am shocked Gov. Pence would support such an obvious ploy at preserving The Core in Indiana. I have to ask DID HE EVEN READ IT? Was Germany too big on his mind? Can he expect Hoosiers to just swallow this and step back? Not gonna happen. Our kids are suffering and will continue to until our teachers and the Powers That Be in our state do their jobs or step down. Kids are failing and confused. They are going to be left back a year because our Assembly followed along with the rest of nation and blindly accepted standards for money from DC. Shame on them.

  6. judy meece says:

    I too am ashamed of our country even trying to put this common core on our kids. All it is doing is dumbing down our kids to not think for themselves. This country was founded on thinkers and now they won’t be able to do anything on their own without being told what to do. We already see other countries doing much better in math and english and we should be the ones with the top honors!!! Our kids are going to suffer through life with jobs that they won’t be able to bring home enough money to support their families. It looks like Gates Foundation needs more money!!! Shame on us who support common core.

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