Common Core = School to Work?

June 10, 2013 5 Comments

I was sent a video of Michael Chapman’s presentation on the Common Core and the larger picture behind it. It’s a little long but very, very interesting.  I am interested in people’s thoughts on it. I haven’t researched his research yet, so my own thoughts are still unformed.




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  1. well…I’ll be honest-it’s long and I think there’s volumes to deconstruct about this-my own central question goes to his final slide that suggests that the new common core is aligned with a UN “Marxist” one world government–now while from a conservative perspective it might FEEL Marxist…and I too am not thrilled with the whole World bank pulling the strings kind of universe…I’m with you on that…BUT it’s not the Marxists of the world sponsoring this stuff….it’s multinational corporations–most of whom are VERY RIGHT WING and conservative–they belong to ALEC and promote a free market conservative agenda….NOT a leftist one!! I wish the presenter if that video could address that issue…and even a member of The American Enterprise Institute signed on to a policy paper sponsored by Council on Foreign Relations calling for a NATIONAL set of STANDARDS-COMMON CORE. Companies and politicians from free market and libertarian minded think tanks have their finger prints all over this–not a Marxist in sight….

    • Monica says:

      Most of the financial backing for common core has actually been coming from the Gates Foundation – very liberal

  2. Pam Anderson says:

    Informative, and in itself plenty of ammunition to argue against common core. The problem with the concerns is that it does not look at the origin of public education. Take it back a few years to the reason for the development of a public education system.

    see the film “Indoctrination”

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  4. Dorothy Pearce says:

    I don’t think it matters whether we call the conspirators left or right. Their concern is making money for themselves. The rest of us should be equal to one another but they are above us all {in their opinions). The conspiracy is hard to miss if you pay attention to the plethora of government actions that reduce states rights, individual freedoms, morality (sexual and otherwise), reverence for life, family values, etc.

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