Common Core costs Michigan incumbent his seat

August 6, 2014 0 Comments

In May, we reported on the upset of two Hoosier incumbents who lost the Republican nomination for state representative due to their support of Common Core.  The stunning victories of Christopher Judy and Curt Nisly, who prevailed despite their opponents heavy support from the GOP establishment and the Chamber of Commerce, made national headlines, being covered by both Breitbart News and Michelle Malkin.

Today, we are happy to report that our neighbors to the north have had a similar victory in yesterday’s Michigan GOP primary race for the 107th District to the Statehouse, in which voters  threw out two-term incumbent and Common Core-supporter Rep. Frank Foster.  Once again, incumbent Foster had heavy support from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the GOP establishment machine, neither of which proved any match against the most powerful weapons Common Core opponents have – the truth and the will of the people.  Michigan voters spoke loudly by choosing a 26-year old Christian school teacher, Lee Chatfield, by a margin of 54-46 percent.

Local coverage of the race noted that Chatfield’s opposition to Common Core was central to the success of his campaign.  Should he win in the November General Election, Common Core opponents will have a clear ally in Lee Chatfield, who clearly “gets” what ails American education.  To hear him speak about education and the classical approach he employs with his fifth and sixth grade students is inspiring. He has students memorize such seminal documents as the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg address, which allows them to understand our Founders in their own words, not a progressive interpretation found in a Pearson textbook.   Listen to an interview with Chatfield below:


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