Anti-Common Core bill up for a vote tomorrow!

February 20, 2013 0 Comments

Tomorrow, Thursday February 21st, SB193 is up for a vote before the full Senate.  Please keep the calls going to the Senate switchboard at (317)232-9400.  They need to be flooded with phone calls, because reports are that our opponents are doing everything possible to defeat us! In fact, today a national group, Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) put out an alert that blatantly misinformers their readers about the content of the legislation.  As much as we wish it were true, the he alert incorrectly states:

Sen. Schneider’s bill (Senate Bill 193, or SB193) requires the state to completely withdraw from the Common Core (read it for yourself HERE). Much to our dismay, the bill passed out of Committee, after being stalled for weeks following a hearing that spanned nearly six hours.

In reality, the version of SB193 that got voted out of the Senate Education Committee calls for the State Board of Education to take another look at this issue, by holding public hearings in each of the nine congressional districts.  It also calls for a much needed cost analysis of this unfunded mandate.  As many have said, who can argue with such a reasonable request?  The answer is no one can – which is why DFER appears to be deliberately misinforming its members by not telling them of the changes that were made to the bill in the committee.  It is pretty sad, when you have to rely on misinforming your readers, in order to gin up phone calls.

Originally, we hoped SB193 would put the nail in the coffin of Common Core.  While SB193 no longer does that, it is crucial we get it passed, because it marks the first step in what we hope will be the beginning of the end for Common Core in Indiana.  It will provide the opportunity for public input from parents, teachers, and content experts, all of which was missing when Common Core was originally adopted.  We have witnessed over the last year, when the truth sees the light of day, mountains can be moved.  We can’t allow them to deny Hoosier parents and teachers the chance to be heard!  We must get louder, starting with the passage of SB193 tomorrow!
We need to keep all politicians reminded of the fact that we won’t stop, until Common Core is gone and local control is restored.  Therefore, call Mike Pence (317)232-4567 and tell him you expect his support on SB193.  Also let him know that you when he makes his appointments to the State Board of Education, you expect them to be individuals who will be open-minded and not  simply part of the same old guard!

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