Pence outed by Governor Herbert of Utah on Common Core

March 30, 2014 8 Comments

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) and the Center for Education and Career Innovation (CECI) are treating Common Core opposition like a chef cooking a frog. When you cook a frog, you can’t just throw him into a pot of boiling water, he’ll jump right out. You need his cooperation. This is done by putting him into a pot of cool water, and slowly turning up the heat. The frog is unaware of the threat until it’s too late, and he’s boiled to death.

The IDOE and CECI are gradually moving closer and closer to rebranding the Common Core as the final set of standards for Indiana, while Hoosiers sit unaware that the process was intended to have ONLY this end result. If they had admitted this in the beginning, opponents would have balked and thwarted the process. They need their cooperation.

Those within the Indiana education establishment never intended to veer from the Common Core Standards. During a press conference this past week, the governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, told Fox News reporter Max Roth the following:

“I’ve talked to Governor Pence about what they’re doing there. In essence, they’re creating what’s called the Indiana Core. It’s not the Common Core. It’s the Indiana Core, but their standards are almost mirroring exactly what’s commonly referred to as the Common Core standards. So they’re just doing it in a different way, which is what we’ve already been doing in Utah.”

Maybe he should have also told him to keep that under his hat. Pence told the people of Indiana something quite different in his State of the State address, “Indiana will have standards that are uncommonly high, written by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers.” Looks like the people of Indiana are completely in the dark, like the frog sitting in the water.

The Indiana process to rewrite academic standards started out with a known result- a rebrand of the Common Core. We’ve been fooled into thinking that drafts of the new standards being identical to the Common Core isn’t intentional; they’re a work in progress, like the temperature of the water getting slowly hotter as it boils the frog.

The cooks at the IDOE and CECI know what we’re eating for dinner, it’s a big heaping portion of Common Core. They’ll wait until just before the standards are sent to the Indiana Education Roundtable, when the water has reached 212 degrees,  and present a final draft that “mirrors” the Common Core. They’ll adopt the Common Core again, under a new name, just like Pence told his good buddy Governor Herbert.  (Too watch the portion of Governor Herbert’s new conference that pertains to Common Core, begin at minute 22 here.  Governor Pence and Indiana is mentioned around minute 24.)

Stand up Indiana.

Fight for what is right and honorable.

Call Governor Pence at (317)232-4567,

Call the Indiana Department of Education at (317)232-6610,

tell them NO rebrand on Common Core!

We’re watching!


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  1. Go, Hoosiers! Don’t stop now! You can win this battle!

  2. agparniuk says:

    We don’t need standards, what we need are students graduating with an understanding of the basics including thinking out of the box. When the state tests a reputation for educational excellence then our students will have no problems getting into establishments of higher learning. Minimum standards, like common core, are a precvursor to the dumbing down of educational standards.

  3. Hoosier says:

    This is beyond upsetting. I just e-mailed Gov. Pence to express my concerns. Thank you Hoosiers Against Common Core for not letting them pull the wool over our eyes!

  4. Jerree Richardson says:

    If educators want to teach a common core of standard subjects then let it be these basics for the first six years. The basics as I was taught were Reading English,Writing English,Spelling English,Basic Math,Phys.Ed.,and Geography. Pre-k and k are another matter.

  5. Regardless of what Governor Pence thinks is going on, Indiana is using Common Core. It is using Common Core Books written by the Bill Gates foundation and others, and their ISTEP tests have also been rewritten by the same people to be compatible with the curriculum. Children K8 are learning how to think in lieu of how to solve problems and strategize to an outcome. They are not being prepared to survive in the world of work, instead they are being shaped and molded into drones. Were the “standards” target skills to help them solve and strategize to a solution, that would benefit the kids, but teaching them how to think is nothing short of mind control.

    This mind control isn’t new, but the extensive process of solving math problems, for instance, is mind control. As a teacher I can convert fractions in a few seconds, my students have to have about eight minutes to do the process to reach the same conclusions. To me that is preparing for them for failure in the world of work. Children need more to know what it takes to be a citizen of America, to balance a check book and be honest, and to understand percentages. For these skills, I am still a strong advocate of home schooling.

  6. sara eck says:

    The revolution will not be standardized.

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