Parent arrested for talking out of turn at School Board meeting

May 7, 2014 3 Comments

A father was arrested for violating the two-minute speaking rule at a school board meeting in New Hampshire. He was there to raise his concerns over a book his daughter was assigned to read for her 9th grade English class. The book is called 19 Minutes and it contains scenes that are so sexually explicit I can’t post on my site, but you can read them here to understand how appropriate his concerns were.

The school board should have been apologizing to the man, not trying to silence him. As the man is being escorted out of the room by police,  the school board member casually calls on the next person to speak  and all the parents sit there like sheep, accepting this absurd abuse of power. What is wrong with these people?  Those parents should have stood up and walked out of the meeting in protest; that dad was being a hero for their children.  Last time I checked, it was against the law to give pornographic books to minors. Maybe these parents should demand a criminal investigation into that and place the cuffs on the guilty, not the hero.

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  1. Jake says:

    Is there any evidence that this was not staged? The man sounds mic’ed.

  2. Pete Boggs says:

    Who cares if this was staged by this parent or he’s mic’d? Violation of the “two minute rule” results in arrest & violation of his first amendment right? This is barbaric & asinine. This school board was expecting trouble- why would that be? Their failure to acknowledge his legitimate concern is itself provocative; for a sovereign citizen protecting the rights of his child.

    Defund these people in every imaginable way & keep your children away from them.

  3. Hoosier Parent says:

    This is eerily similar to a 9/20/13 incident related to a parent expressing concerns about Common Core Standards in Maryland. See:

    Is anyone else recalling their high school lessons on Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience? Perhaps it is time to brush up on this topic?

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