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  2. ALERT: Rep. Todd Rokita’s ESEA bill- removes state and parent rights!
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  11. 300-page NCLB waiver increases state control?
  12. An Education Agenda for Empowering Hoosiers
  13. Gallup Poll: Common Core opposition continues to creep among teachers and parents
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  15. The Indy Star using Gestapo tactics with Letters to Editor?
  16. Pence rejects bid for $80 million preschool grant?
  17. A step forward for Hoosiers in a long march
  18. Do Hoosiers want more taxpayer-funded daycare?
  19. Common Core=Common Learning Pace
  20. Indiana superintendent admits Common Core REBRAND
  21. Over half of Tennessee teachers say, “Abandon Common Core”
  22. Gov. Jindal Teams Up with Dr. Stotsky Tonight to Fight Common Core!
  23. Indiana teachers admit following Common Core
  24. Indiana’s “new” standards fail to prepare for STEM
  25. Was federalism restored when Indiana “voided” Common Core?
  26. Share examples of Indiana’s Common Core rebrand in your child’s school.
  27. Gates funds group to judge textbook alignment with Common Core
  28. New Poll – Teacher Support For Common Core Plummets 30%!
  29. Will Superintendent Ritz agree to withdraw IN from PARCC?
  30. Common Core costs Michigan incumbent his seat
  31. Control over Indiana’s education policy- a battle of the czars
  32. Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform
  33. Indiana’s Common Core Fight Isn’t Over
  34. Indiana’s waiver battle- it’s not about the money
  35. Common Core standards intentionally written to create a need for national curriculum
  36. Indiana Common Core rebrand costing incumbents their seats
  37. Parent arrested for talking out of turn at School Board meeting
  38. George Will nails Common Core on Fox News
  39. American Educational Research Association report: Common Core NOT based on Indiana’s former standards
  40. American Educational Research Association report: Common Core NOT based on Indiana’s former standards